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Welcome to Switchboard stories. Get to know the Switchboard team, what matters to us, and what makes us tick – like women’s leadership, accessible communications and reading, to name a few. Also: pizza and coffee. Some might say we consume too much of both; we say there’s no such thing.


Media relations

Why Women In Tech Matter

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International Women’s Day in The Year of the Woman

We – a female-founded and -led team of mostly women – are all for taking the time to celebrate the accomplishments and the potential of women.

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What BC companies and British Columbians can expect from the NDP Government’s first full budget

On February 21, Kathleen Reid, Switchboard’s Managing Director, had the pleasure of attending the BC Provincial budget lock-up, where Finance Minister Carole James introduced the 2018-19 provincial budget and three-year fiscal plan.

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Happy International Women’s Day: Thank you for fighting for us. We promise to fight for you, too

As a woman-led (not women-only) business, we at Switchboard hold International Women’s Day in high regard.

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We Are Switchboard.

After two years as Kathleen Reid Consulting, it became clear that we had outgrown our name. We’d evolved into a team too dynamic, too diversely talented to work under a single person’s name.

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Lessons Learned

In October, KRC celebrated its two-year anniversary. In February, we rebranded as Switchboard. Both anniversaries and rebrands are occasions for reflection, so I’ve been reflecting a lot in these momentous few months.

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