New Switchboard Office, Same Goal: Becoming Canada’s Go-to for Tech PR

By New Switchboard Office, Same Goal: Becoming Canada’s Go-to for Tech PR

February 4, 2020

Having built up our client base in Alberta over the last two years, we were in need of new, roomier space. We bounced around between various arrangements — sound familiar apartment hunters? — trying to find the right fit for Karli and I in Calgary. Some were too noisy, some were too small, and some were too big. But just like Goldilocks, we finally found something just right. 

On January 20 we moved into our new digs at WeWork Edison. In addition to the beautiful communal spaces that provide kombucha on tap and stunning views, Karli and I share an office, where we get it done in true Switchboard fashion.

Why Calgary? Switchboard has been working with several Alberta-based clients over the last two years, and as this work intensified alongside the growing tech scene in Alberta I came on full time. It soon became clear that we were outgrowing our former office and needed a more permanent arrangement with room to grow. 

Moving into a brand new space at the start of a new decade brings a feeling of renewed vigour for our mission at Switchboard, and provides new inspiration for us to go after our team’s big and courageous goal: to become the go-to firm for tech companies across Canada. 

What does this mean?

  • We will continue serving our clients in BC, Alberta, and Ontario; and
  • We will expand our operations across the prairie region out of the Calgary office. 

As Switchboard continues to grow and scale its services across Canada, it’s important that we take a moment to reflect on what we’ve done so far, and give thanks to those who have made it possible. We’re proud to be part of Canada’s tech sector, and are lucky to work with some of the best clients out there. Working across the country, we see how tech communities come together in each province to build up Canada’s innovation economy, and we count ourselves lucky to be apart of that nation-building. For our clients, this means that Switchboard can continue to build on its tech-based knowledge and provide even better community intelligence now that we have boots on the ground in three provinces. 

Stay tuned for our launch party in April, and don’t worry, Karli and I will still be making frequent appearances across Canada from Victoria to St. John’s. We’re excited to chat about all things tech, innovation, and adoption in 2020.