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Breaking News: Has Fractured Journalism Made Your PR Tools Ineffective?

Are coffee pitches, press conferences and news releases—once a standard trifecta for getting a story out—still effective tools in an industry being deeply transformed?
Today’s news consumer is overwhelmed with digital content fighting for their attention.
Bloggers, podcasters, Youtube and Instagram stars, as well as host of other self-appointed correspondents now dominate streaming and social platforms. Meanwhile, the news outlet in 2019 is a much leaner, more agile, digital version of its former self, as it works to retain core audiences and attract new ones.
With these shifts set against a backdrop of citizen journalism, post-truth narratives, alternative facts and fake news, what do PR practitioners need to know to keep pace?
On March 14th  one of BC's top tech industry communicators, Kathleen Reid, Founder and Managing Director of Switchboard PR shared her insight and advice.
We explored:
  • How to earn and maintain credibility in today's newsrooms;
  • Why media relations and relationships are essential, now more than ever;
  • How to better leverage your company spokespeople;
  • Emerging trends and challenges to watch this year; and
  • Effective ways to achieve earned media coverage in 2019.

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Breaking News: Has Fractured Journalism Made Your PR Tools Ineffective?

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