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Media Relations 101 "an art not a science"

Media Relations 101 presented by Switchboard There are over 10,000 tech companies in British Columbia, how do you stand out amongst them to gain traction in the media spotlight? On June 13th join Kathleen Reid from Switchboard PR and learn the pro-tips and best practices that can score you media attention. This session will cover:
  • How to earn and maintain credibility in today's newsrooms
  • Why media relations and relationships are essential, now more than ever
  • How to better leverage your company spokespeople
  • Emerging trends and challenges to watch this year
  • Effective ways to achieve earned media coverage in 2019
  • “On the spot” media training with two to four participants (time permitting).
This lunch and learn is going to feed your mind and your body. Lunch included! Learn more and purchase tickets here.

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Media Relations 101 “an art not a science”

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