What would T-Swift do?

vancouver pr agencyBy What would T-Swift do?

November 12, 2015

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Love her or hate her (and we don’t know how on earth you could hate her), Taylor Swift could teach us all a thing or two about effective PR. Whether she is touring around the world or baking at home with her cats, Taylor Swift has a knack for engaging her fans. Each year she propels herself higher and higher into the clouds of success, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be coming down anytime soon. So, how does she do it?

Taylor Swift is the queen of engagement. When her album “1989” was about to hit stores, she had exclusive screenings with randomly-selected fans. She knows the value of creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences and rewards her fans for investing their time and energy in her music.

Taylor also makes a point to treat her fans as if they were her best friends. She tweets to them about awkward moments, asks questions and ultimately lets her fans peer into her life. Her relatability creates instant connections, and fans feel comfortable engaging with her. She doesn’t hide behind a façade; rather she is authentic, transparent, and true to her (often rather awkward) self.

In part because of her self-deprecating charm, T is able to promote herself without coming across as arrogant or salesy. She never pushes her fans to buy an album but instead builds anticipation around it so that fans are excited and genuinely want to purchase it.

Taylor Swift continues to kill it in the world of PR by using simple yet meaningful and effective tactics. Here are our five biggest Taylor takeaways:

  1. Encourage customer engagement, ask them questions and be consistent.
  2. Treat your customers with genuine care.
  3. Foster the personal qualities that have brought you past success.
  4. Be authentic – stay true to your brand.
  5. Observe how people respond to your behaviour and be willing to make adjustments.

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