Bring Images to Life with Flixel

Vancouver pr agencyBy Bring Images to Life with Flixel

November 25, 2015

Vancouver pr agency

Here at Switchboard, we love to try out new apps — particularly ones that help us tell stories. Our most recent favourite had us filming raindrops, wine, and (of course) dogs. So what is this magical app that had the whole team with their cameras out? Flixel – Living Photos.

Flixel is a program that allows the user to create a still photograph in which a minor and repeated movement occurs.

The process is streamlined, efficient and user-friendly. Start by taking a video. We found 10-15 second clips work well. You’ll want the camera to be as still as possible so unless you have super steady hands (we don’t) we recommend using a tripod. Once you’ve captured the video, upload it into Flixel. From there, the process to create your living photo is just five easy steps:

1. Trim your clip: Import the video and trim the clip to the perfect length.

2. Mask out area: Select an area to bring to life by simply “live-masking” motion right into the image.

3. Crossfade and loop: Select loop style, loop crossfade and speed.

4. Delay: For a surprise effect, add a delay duration in between loops.

5. Effects: Instantly preview your image with built-in filters.

Presto! It’s done! You can now upload the living photo to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.

We found that Flixel is a great way to bring campaigns to life. It adds an extra layer to a photo that hooks and holds the audience’s attention. Flixel can help tell stories and create intrigue through the increased level of expression.

We love finding and testing new apps and look forward to using Flixel on upcoming projects. Let us know what you think of Flixel by tweeting us at @Switchboard_PR.


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