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Welcome to Switchboard stories. Get to know the Switchboard team, what matters to us, and what makes us tick – like women’s leadership, accessible communications and reading, to name a few. Also: pizza and coffee. Some might say we consume too much of both; we say there’s no such thing.


5 Reasons to Vote ‘Yes’ in Metro Vancouver’s Transit and Transportation Referendum

It’s no secret that the Switchboard team is opinionated and outspoken. When we believe strongly in something, we aren’t afraid to speak up about it — repeatedly…and loudly.

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Carousel Theatre for Young People ‘Shakespearean Rhapsody’

Carousel Theatre for Young People (CTYP), established in 1976, has been based out of Vancouver’s iconic Granville Island since 1981

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The Outreach & Advocacy Program at St. Paul’s

In the fall of 2014 the Outreach & Advocacy Office at St. Paul’s came to Switchboard hoping to develop a communications and fundraising plan to guide their programs in the new year.

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