The Outreach & Advocacy Program at St. Paul’s

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February 19, 2015

st paul pr firm

In the fall of 2014 the Outreach & Advocacy Office at St. Paul’s came to Switchboard hoping to develop a communications and fundraising plan to guide their programs in the new year. Together with volunteers, Switchboard re-evaluated the way the Advocacy Office and Outreach Program work with one another, creating a more sustainable model tailored to the new financial realities. In addition to financial sustainability, Switchboard worked with St. Paul’s to develop a communications plan that will strengthen the relationship between the parish community and the surrounding members of the local community involved with the program.


Operational sustainability was a key goal for the Advocacy Office and Outreach Programs from the beginning. Following a thorough review of both operations, Switchboard was able to create an affordable, working model that will allow for St. Paul’s  to continue to provide an adequate level of care and services for those in the community. By limiting resource-heavy operations and focussing on the most impactful aspects of both programs, the Outreach & Advocacy Office at St. Paul’s now has a sustainable framework from which they can expand when additional funding is available.


Despite the fantastic work both the Advocacy Office and Outreach Programs do, neither operation seemed to properly engage with its local community. To remedy this, Switchboard designed a communications strategy that leveraged the past successes of the Advocacy Office and Outreach Programs. This strategy included promotional content that illuminated the positive impact the St. Paul’s parish has had on the local community.

In addition to physical materials created to hand out to members of the parish community, Switchboard designed a digital infographic that illustrates the positive impact both the Advocacy Office and Outreach Programs have had on their communities. This information was critical to share with local community members, as they may not have been previously aware of the social benefit of these initiatives.