5 Reasons to Vote ‘Yes’ in Metro Vancouver’s Transit and Transportation Referendum

impact pr vancouverBy 5 Reasons to Vote ‘Yes’ in Metro Vancouver’s Transit and Transportation Referendum

April 24, 2015

impact pr vancouver

It’s no secret that the Switchboard team is opinionated and outspoken. When we believe strongly in something, we aren’t afraid to speak up about it — repeatedly…and loudly. That’s especially true when there’s an issue that affects our community, like transit. The Province of BC is seeking a public decision on the transportation investment plan laid out by the Metro Vancouver Mayors’ Council. If you’re still unclear on the benefits of voting ‘yes’ to support a 0.5% increase to the Provincial Sales Tax in Metro Vancouver, here’s our rundown:

1. Faster Commutes

The investments in new transit infrastructure and the expansion of services proposed by the plan will allow for 70% of Metro Vancouver residents to have access to frequent transit. Our region is growing, and if we do not invest in the expansion of our public transit system, buses, trains and seabuses will only continue to become increasingly overcrowded. Expanding Vancouver’s public transit system will result in shorter commutes, allowing people more time to focus on important things.

2. Better and Less Congested Roads

The Transportation and Transit Plan will not only benefit citizens using public transportation but also Metro Vancouver’s drivers. Their commute will also be reduced on average by 20-30 minutes (that’s more time to do things you love). Drivers will be able to take advantage of major road improvements included in the plan. Ultimately, who wouldn’t want to be travelling on better roads with fewer cars?

3. It is not about TransLink

TransLink’s governance has been under criticism for a while and people do not want to hand more tax money to the organization. The transit referendum and new funding we are voting on is not intended to contribute to TransLink’s current operating costs. In fact, funds are to be directed to building new infrastructure and increasing transit capacity. Ignore the claim that this is a “TransLink tax” and vote in your best interest and in the interest of your community and future generations.

4. Good for Vancouver Tourism- And Tourism Contributes!

Vancouver’s Tourism Master Plan identifies transportation as a key contributor to the future success of the tourism industry. Therefore, not only will improved transportation help boost our economy, but visitors will be paying the sales tax on the goods and services they purchase while visiting Metro Vancouver, so tourists will be pitching in.

5. Job Creation

The increased sales tax will create additional revenues to be invested in new infrastructure, benefitting both the economy and local employment. The new transportation plan will create local jobs in construction, engineering, architecture and in the operation of the new transit infrastructure.

There you have it, our FIVE reasons to vote ‘YES’ in the transit referendum. The voting deadline is May 29, 2015, so fill in your ballot and take it to the mailbox or drop it off at of of the nine plebiscite service offices open in Metro Vancouver. Learn more about elections BC plebiscite services

If you did not receive a voting package, ask for one at 1-800-661-8683 or election.bc.ca/ovr before midnight May 15, 2015.

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