It’s Easy Being Green with My Green Space

community pr firmBy It’s Easy Being Green with My Green Space

August 19, 2015

community pr firm

It’s official. At Switchboard, we’ve decided to move beyond our indoor succulents, potted cherry tomatoes and red peppers. Thanks to our friends at My Green Space, one sunny corner of our patio is now home to the beginnings of a food jungle.

Mike and Scott at My Green Space brought in four additional planters to add to the two pre-existing ones. Thanks to their expertise and the support of the My Green Space app, we’ll be growing vegetables and herbs that can be harvested throughout the remaining summer months, through the fall, and even in winter. Anyone up for some farm-to-table lunches?

In one of our large planters, we have leeks, Caledonian Kale, a cherry tomato plant, and marigolds, which attract beneficial insects to the garden. In a planter to the right, we have carrots and Ruby Red Chard. A nearby planter contains rosemary, thyme, and chives. Our large planter along the patio railing now contains lettuce and several rows of mystery seedlings. Finally, in two small boxes, we have Russian Kale, which can be grown and harvested throughout the winter months in Vancouver.

In addition to the obvious culinary benefits from growing one’s own office garden, we’re excited to have the backdrop of greenery to add to the ambiance during our bi-monthly Monday afternoon yoga classes. Check out My Green Space’s website at to get more information on how your office can grow food and other greenery throughout the year! Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a spacious patio, but it doesn’t take much more than a windowsill to get started.

Happy planting!