We Are Switchboard.

pr firm vancouverBy We Are Switchboard.

February 23, 2016

pr firm vancouver

After two years as Kathleen Reid Consulting, it became clear that we had outgrown our name. We’d evolved into a team too dynamic, too diversely talented to work under a single person’s name. We needed a new brand that reflects the spirit of the team we’ve become.

So we got to work. We had two long brainstorming sessions — just like we do for our clients, only this time it was us in the hot seat. Junk food and beer were consumed. A dusty old thesaurus was used and a dictionary, too.

We jotted ideas on whiteboards until our markers ran dry, then sat back, bellies and brains full. Immediately, one name stood out.

Switchboard. An apparatus that facilitates connections, that enables communication.

That’s us. We are Switchboard.

In spite of our new name, not a whole lot has changed around here. We’re still the quirky go-getters who will show up at your office with food, beer and pages-upon-pages of ideas. Kathleen Reid has not absconded to a beach chair in Cabo; she’s still at the centre of Switchboard’s day-­to-­day operations.

All the important things are the same. We’re still us.

We just have new business cards.