Switchboard’s Five W’s

By Switchboard’s Five W’s

June 29, 2022

At Switchboard, we’re here to create positive change in our communities and the world. That’s why we choose to work with innovators and changemakers – organizations that are on a mission to disrupt the status quo, to challenge the way we do everyday things. To make life better. Our clients’ unwillingness to stop pushing is what energizes us, day in and day out. No matter how big the challenge, how heavy the load, we get sh*t done.

Get to know us better:

Who are we?

We are a full-service agency offering media relations, issues management, content creation, and stakeholder relations. We bring together the best and brightest project team for each client’s needs. We’re connectors, problem solvers and storytellers.

What we do?

We solve problems, tell stories, connect with people and connect people with each other. Most importantly, we help clients achieve their biggest, boldest goals, so they can maximize their impact and create a better world. We do this through strategic communications, community engagement, media relations, creative services and special events.

Where we do it?

We have a diverse team of communication consultants across Canada, from coast to coast, to coast, with backgrounds in business, finance, journalism, law, public relations and psychology.

When it started?

Switchboard was founded six years ago as Vancouver’s first strategic communications firm for tech companies and innovative brands.

Why we do it?

Throughout history, innovators who were most influential have always had more than just novel ideas – they were able to effectively communicate why and how these concepts matter. Being able to succinctly tell a story can make the world of difference between a failed venture, and meanginful, impactful change.

If Switchboard seems like a good fit for your organization, please get in touch as we would love to connect.