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A company is only as good as its people. Lucky for us, we’ve got some great ones. Our crew has expertise ranging from media relations to copywriting to event planning. Meet the team below.

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Kathleen Reid

Founder and Managing Director

Kathleen is a political buff — she holds a B.A. in Political Science from UBC, and has proudly voted in every municipal, provincial and federal election since her eighteenth birthday. Kathleen is also an active member of the Vancouver community; she volunteers with the Boys & Girls Club of South Coast BC and is actively engaged in the city’s startup scene.

Patricia Beckerman

Digital Strategist

Patricia is something of a global nomad. With her Master’s in International Communications; she’s fluent in four languages; and she has professional experience in Brazil, England and China. Patricia’s professional background includes advertising, TV/film production and PR. She loves to develop digital campaigns that create impact for people in local communities around in the world – so she says joining Switchboard was a no-brainer.

Elysa Darling

Senior Consultant

For Elysa, a career in government affairs and communications has proven to be a natural fit. After roles at an international nonprofit and a Calgary law firm, some policy work and graduate studies in law, Elysa realized that her interests as well as her skills — namely, analysis and critical thinking, risk management and problem-solving — made her perfect for the communications field. These days, she springs out of bed each morning excited to work with thoughtful and passionate people who challenge and engage with her, particularly around hot-button issues. She hasn’t quite reached Olivia Pope status (a goal of hers), but as far as we’re concerned she’s getting pretty close. When she’s not engaging with politicians and public servants, you can find Elysa chasing adventure with her two rescue dogs, Rudy and Ellie.

Catherine Dunwoody

Senior Media Strategist

Catherine migrated into PR after a stint in marketing and a long career in mainstream media. As the Founding Western Editor for FASHION and Lou Lou – two of Canada’s most-read magazines – Catherine is kind of a big deal in the publishing world. She’s brimming with industry insight – where it’s been and, most importantly, where it’s going – and crafts her media pitches accordingly. Catherine’s past life as a fashion editor is perfectly embodied in her personal philosophy: ‘Life is short. Buy the damn shoes.’

Chelsea Herman

Senior Communications & Brand Specialist

Chelsea is a born storyteller. She grew up writing stories, plays and movies — and forcing her younger cousins to act them out. To that end, she studied English literature and writing, then moved to Australia and earned her Master of Communication degree. For her master’s research project, she studied how nonprofit organizations use stories to engage with their key stakeholders.

Karda Rolland-Berge

Project Coordinator

Karda is fascinated by all things cultural. Since earning her BA in Anthropology and a Masters in International Development, she has pursued a diverse range of roles in the nonprofit sector: she did research and analysis at Save the Children UK and worked with the advocacy team at Action Against Hunger. Karda is also one of the most organized people you’ll ever meet, and someone who loves to connect with people.

Jen Yamasaki

Senior Consultant

Jen earned a Design Management Certificate from Emily Carr University and BCIT. Jen is Switchboard’s resident designer and project manager. She’s got mad Photoshop skills and knows her way around a GANTT chart. Jen is currently the Communications Chair for the Graphic Designer’s Association of Canada.

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