From the Library of Team Switchboard

switchboard-reads-book-gifBy From the Library of Team Switchboard

November 18, 2016


We admit, it’s hard to avoid spending all our waking our hours with our eyes locked to a screen (or flipping back and forth between two or even three screens). But as far as we’re concerned nothing can replace the experience of getting lost in a great book – ideally a real book with actual pages.

All of us at #TeamSwitchboard are big readers, and we love to chat about what we’re reading now, as well as favourite books we keep coming back to. And so #SwitchboardReads was born. Each week we highlighted a book or two on Instagram. Launching this campaign gave us the opportunity to share books we love – and to show off the creative flair and styling savvy of our own Emily Reid.

So why all the fuss about books and reading? Here are three reasons why we are proud bookworms:

forest-and-feast-erin-gleeson1. Knowledge Boost

At Switchboard, we champion constant and continuous learning. Whether from digital or print sources, knowledge excites us. We highlighted a couple of must reads on a variety of topics, including The Forest Feast by Erin Gleeson. Why not feed your brain and your stomach?





the-bigger-picture-writing-book2. Elevated Writing

Aside from expanding our vocabulary list, we can’t deny that exposure to well-crafted prose has a positive effect on how we string sentences together. We like to think reading books like The Bigger Picture makes us better writers by osmosis.







3. Escapism

The stress of looming deadlines and a barrage of emails takes a toll on us all. You can’t get more eco-friendly than being able to recharge wherever and whenever, with nothing more than a source of light and a book – like childhood favourite Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.





Although we won’t be posting our reading list as often, we invite you to follow us on Instagram and keep an eye out for what’s next on #SwitchboardReads. We’d also love to hear what your must-reads are. We’re always looking for titles to add to the ever-growing stacks on our bedside tables.