We are Switchboard. We help innovators and impact-makers create positive change by driving public relations campaigns and communication strategies that get real results.

Who We Are

We’re here to create positive change in our communities and the world. That’s why we choose to work with innovators and changemakers – organizations that are on a mission to disrupt the status quo, to challenge the way we do everyday things, to make life better.

Our public relations team strives to meet our clients’ unwillingness to stop pushing for better. This is what energizes us, day in and day out. And energetic we are – no matter how big the challenge, how heavy the load, we get sh*t done.

What We Do

As a public relations agency we solve problems, tell stories, connect with people and connect people to each other. Most importantly, we help our clients achieve their biggest, boldest goals, so they can maximize their impact and create a better world.

Switchboard is a one-stop Vancouver PR shop. We do it all, and do it well (but don’t take our word for it).

You can find a list of our services below. Lists are good, but stories are even better. That’s why we’d love to meet up for a chat about your business, its story and the problems you need help solving. And if we’re going to chat, we figure we may as well do it over coffee.

Reach out today to schedule a coffee meet-up with a member of our team.

If you don’t drink coffee, that’s okay. We won’t hold it against you.

What Our Clients Have to Say

  • We brought Switchboard on to fill a gap in our social media coverage. The results they delivered extended far beyond the requirements of our engagement. Their scrappy attitude and creativity helped us navigate a number of events and communications challenges. Their collective positivity and intelligence would be a welcome addition to any team. Plus, they bring beer to meetings – what more could you possibly ask for?
    Jesse Penner, Marketing & Operations Manager, Grow
  • I’ve been consistently impressed with Switchboard’s ability to understand the unique needs of our business and work with our team in an immersive way. They are creative, responsive and highly effective at working with fast growing companies.
    Mark Proudfoot, Co-Founder, JustGreet
  • Kathleen worked with us on several special events and online projects. Kathleen infused our work with great ideas, excellent creative design and super delivery. She is fun to work with and fit into our small team with ease. What more can I say, we are repeat customers!
    Jennifer Hamilton, Senior Manager, Communications, C&W Redevelopment Project


Vancouver-based startup Grow is a key player in the emerging FinTech market and the first Canadian company in the marketplace lending space – a niche that faces low public awareness and understanding. Many are wary of marketplace lending, failing to see the significant benefits of seeking a personal loan outside the traditional banking system.

Closet Relay

Closet Relay is a mobile app on a mission to change the way people buy and sell clothing online. The start­up is a one­-woman operation with only one external resource: Switchboard. Switchboard needed to help answer some critically important questions: how do we position Closet Relay in an oversaturated fashion/lifestyle market — and get an edge over competitors? And how does a team with such limited resources ensure optimal customer care?

Cups of coffee consumed
Impromptu dance-offs had
Post-its used
Big Ideas born